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5 Must-Have Software Entrepreneurs Should Start With

Every entrepreneur committed to starting their business understands that the road ahead will not be easy. Still, many tend to underestimate the difficulties they will soon face. As the head of an organisation, they will have so much on their shoulders and must wear many hats to get their business off the ground. Being organised and, most importantly, getting some extra help is crucial for navigating the many twists and turns towards success.

Thankfully, such help is readily available through modern technology. With so many powerful apps that trivialise what would otherwise be daunting and time-consuming tasks, entrepreneurs can save their precious time and better spend it on what matters most – growing their business. If you are a budding entrepreneur or a small business leader, take note of these five must-have software that can ease your workload and elevate productivity.

1. Accounting and payroll systems

Having a positive and healthy financial standing is one of the core requirements for a business to rake in its first profits. And maintaining it requires business leaders to constantly stay on top of business finances, which accounting and payroll systems help facilitate.

Nowadays, cloud-based accounting software allows businesses to handle several tasks across all their devices, such as managing their books anywhere, sending invoices, checking on payments, and replying to client feedback quickly and intuitively. One such example is FreshBooks, the cloud-based accounting software designed for SMEs. For payroll, there exists many paid and free payroll software in Singapore that ensure compliance and prevent costly errors, all while simplifying the process with no compromises on security.

2. Project management tools

Given today’s climate of remote work and asynchronous teams, entrepreneurs and small business owners need to keep tabs on their employees’ progress and ensure coordination across groups. Project management tools like Asana and Trello serve as the perfect solution for that need thanks to their many functions, such as creating graphic cards of work tasks organised in stacks and handy features like cross-app interaction. These features make a functional space that promotes effective task management through an organised and intuitive graphic interface.

Using these tools, business owners can assign teams with distinct workspaces reserved for their group interactions and other activities, like uploading files and collaborating. This software also gives a bird’s eye view of everything going on with each team, allowing entrepreneurs to stay abreast with their staff in just a few clicks.

3. Video conferencing apps

Constant and clear communication is equivalent to achieving success in any business endeavour, especially more so now in the era of remote working. Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Chat help bridge the gap between teams through face-to-face communication in a virtual space to eliminate as much ambiguity as possible and prevent miscommunication regarding individual tasks, expectations, and more.

4. Invoicing software

Sending and checking up on invoices is one of the many administrative tasks that involve a lot of resources for staff and the billing department or the entrepreneur himself if he does not yet have some helping hands. Due to the importance of improving cash flow dictated by timely payments from clients, it is crucial to streamline this financial process and automate it to save time and avoid chasing late payments. Besides that, invoicing software also has many other vital benefits, such as reducing fraud, bolstering security, and enhancing customer relations thanks to quicker error resolution.

5. Chat rooms

A business-oriented video conferencing platform is undoubtedly the primary means of communication for a scattered workforce. Still, they are not exactly the best for casual interactions between work colleagues. As everyone knows, remote work is not without issues, and loneliness is one of the leading problems affecting employees and productivity. Thus, employing chat rooms reserved for non-work interactions may benefit remote teams. It promotes workplace wellness that encourages them to interact more during working hours and not just after they clock out for the day.


Entrepreneurship is fraught with hardships and responsibilities that require all the help to make things easier. Thankfully, advancements in technology have produced many tools and software applications that help take the brunt of the workload and make life easier for entrepreneurs.

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