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8 HR Tools You Need in 2021

HR modernization is an investment, one that would benefit you today and in the long run.

Every day the HR technology industry is expanding, and there have been multiple technological advancements that should be on your radar for a more efficient working process. Opting for those tools should help you in strengthening your HR performance and capabilities. The objectives of doing this are to simplify the process and focus on more strategic areas. 

The following are tools you may utilize in freeing up the manual effort.

  1. Recruitment Marketing Platforms

Your internal recruiting teams would have an easier job in attracting candidates and converting them into applicants if you use a recruiting marketing platform. All the features offered, including job distribution features, candidate identification, and candidate relationship management (CRM) capabilities, are similar to the support you need in the recruitment team.

  1. Onboarding Solution

In many companies, the onboarding process is usually done manually. However, onboarding software could automate many of the steps. This creates a fast track for the recruits’ journey in your company. At the same time, this also improves the recruits’ experience from the start.

  1. Hourly Worker Hiring Tool

If your business has shift-based workers whose recruitment and work cycle is different from the other employees, you could consider an hourly working hiring tool. It would help you with the payment schedule, contracts, and any other needs.

  1. HR Compliance Management Tool

Regulations always go through multiple changes now and then. An HR compliance management tool provides an easier way to be on top of all the changes. You could keep track of all the different regulations, labour laws, any updates. Stay compliant has never been this easy.

  1. Workforce Scheduling Software

Shift changes and different work requests need to be well accommodated. A workforce scheduling software is a tool you could rely on when you need to make sure productivity, clear work arrangement, and efficiency.

  1. Performance Management Tool

Conducting reviews are an essential part of businesses. A performance management tool offers you a platform where you could check in with employees, recognize their achievements, and remove any unnecessary roadblocks. Everything is done with minimal effort.

  1. Remote Workforce Collaboration App

Especially in 2021, tools that assist people working from their own home has become more important than ever. It goes more than sending emails and providing work updates, it also accommodates the need for engagement between co-workers.

  1. Payroll Automation Tool

Here we introduce you to our payroll software, Kayaroll. It is more than just a payroll app. It helps you to be more efficient in working on any of your payroll tasks. It is simple, easy, and reliable. By putting us on board, you are freeing up yourself to run your business without juggling any unnecessary work. Check our website today. Be the first among 100 businesses to sign up, and you could enjoy our software for free.