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Employing Artificial Intelligence In Your HR Department

The past two years have been challenging for HR departments globally. Many corporates and HR departments faced multiple resignations, day-to-day work life shifting to either remote or hybrid systems, new regulations, and many other related issues.

With the world slowly transiting to an endemic world in 2022, corporations all around the world must change with time if they are looking to attract and keep talented employees, and thrive in these unprecedented times. Without further ado, here is why 2022 is the year you should implement Artificial Intelligence in your HR department routine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The adoption of digital solutions and AI can help an organisation be more efficient, secure, and effective. Many companies, especially in Singapore, are moving towards digitisation. Adopting AI in HR can offset specific tasks, allowing the department to allocate human resources in the necessary workload better. AI also helps to automate and simplify administrative work, thus allowing the department to focus on areas such as strategic initiatives and interpersonal employee experience.

Talking about interpersonal employee experience, AI enables the HR department the ability to adopt chatbots in the current work cycle. With that, employees are able to get information regarding standard queries such as staff benefits, payslips, and more.

2021 has seen a significant number of retrenchments all over the world as companies grapple with staying afloat during the numerous lockdowns. In 2022, many are opening to recruit as the economy improves. Regarding recruitment, AI is able to automatically screen the vast number of resumes being sent to the company and categorise them based on the positions applied for. The AI can also base on the available positions, determine which resume includes the necessary skills required for the specific job, and move prospective candidates to better-fitted roles. All in all, AI is able to better assist in building the pool of talents so the company can better focus on reaching out.

AI is also able to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses and make suitable recommendations on upskilling them. The AI’s adaptive learning can help curate a learning path that is beneficial for the employees’ career growth.


As the new generation of young working professionals enters the workforce, organisations need to work smart and keep up with the times. Organisations are expected to stay relevant and be engaging. This new generation of young working professionals has grown up in an environment that feeds specifically curated content to them, their needs and wants. It is not a surprise that they will want a company that does the same for them.

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