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Five Corppass Roles

Singapore Corporate Access, commonly called Corppass, is the authorization system for the staff or a third party, such as a tax agent, to access and manage digital service (the IRAS’ e-Services) of employees who need to perform corporate transactions. 

One of the services that businesses need to access is the income information submission to IRAS. To submit that information electronically on behalf of your company, you must authorize yourself or your staff or the third party via Corppass.

People who are eligible for Corppass are those from the following categories:

– Local entities (Singapore registered entities) which by UEN-issuance agencies have been issued a Unique Entity Number (UEN)

– Foreign entities not registered in Singapore which need to transact with the government

When registering for a Corppass Administrator account, you could identify as one of 5 Corppass roles as follows:

  1. Registered Officer (RO)

This person is the legal authority to act on legal matters relating to the company, has their legal name officially registered with ACRA or other UEN-issuance agencies. Please note that this role is only applicable for local entities (Singapore registered entities) with a Unique Entity Number (UEN). And they are also the ones who nominate and approve new Corppass Administrators. The examples include Owner, Company Director, and Corporate Secretary.

  1. Corppass Administrator (Admin)

Appointed by the RO, this person manages the entity’s Corppass related matters, such as managing access rights to the government agencies’ e-Services (Government-to-Business or G2B) and managing the entity’s Corppass users’ authorization to e-Services. Each entity is allowed a maximum of 2 Corppass Admins. Examples of those for this role are Director of Corporate Services, such as Admin, Finance, or Human Resources.

  1. Corppass Sub-Administrator (Sub-Admin)

Sub-Admin accounts could be created only by the Admin. Their role is to help manage Corppass accounts and digital service access in which they have full management rights unless restricted by the Admin.

  1. Corppass Enquiry User

Enquiry User accounts are created by the Admin or the Sub-Admin. Their accounts are used to transact with Government digital services and view details of the entity’s setup, for example, to view the transaction history.

  1. Corppass User

This person has been authorized by the Admin to perform transactions via the government agencies’ e-Services. No restriction on the number of Users each entity may have, but in smaller companies, the Admin usually assumes this role as well. Corporate Services Personnel, such as Payroll Executive and HR Manager, are examples of individuals who could perform this role.

As we see the roles and accounts to choose from, your next question is probably what to do if you need a Corppass account. It should not be complicated. If you have been appointed as the Admin, you could simply register for an account. If you have not, approach your entity’s Admin or Sub-Admin to have an account created for you. And in the case you are not aware of who the Admin or Sub-Admin of your entity is, go to the Corppass Portal and choose “Services” > “Find Your Corppass Admin”. Just log in with your Singpass details, enter the required information, and click “Search”. 

Another way to do this is by contacting [email protected] and they will request your entity’s Admin to contact you. Be informed that you should include your entity’s UEN, name, title, and contact number in that email.

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