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Providing Home Office Equipments for Employees

One of the challenges with working from home arrangements during the pandemic is turning some space at one’s home into an everyday working space. It means ensuring that the temporary workspace would be suitable for work and the right equipment is available.

While it may not be as ideal as what a room at the office offers, a work-from-home should be able to cater some of the basics for a proper working place. It includes a space that is free of clutter, a space with adequate lighting, ventilation, electrical sockets, as well as plugs and cords. By maintaining all these, employees could adjust more easily to the work-from-home situation and create a comfortable place to carry their work. Another thing that is also essential is having suitable equipment at home, for example, a laptop, mouse, and headset. All of them must be in good condition and set for day-to-day activity. And this is what employers should pay attention to. While a home office setup is not the responsibility of the employers, the equipment is. This is clearly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic where working from home has been an unplanned requirement. Now, let us take a look at what companies could do to make sure their employees still have access to the office equipment they need.

  1. Provide them with the equipment to take home

This is the first and most obvious option as many companies do this even before the pandemic. Most companies allow their employees to take home some equipment, such as a laptop, mouse, and external storage (HDD, USB). Under the current circumstances, some adjustments may be needed. This is due to there being some equipment that is not usually for employees to take home. Some examples include a printer, scanner, and clearly desktop computers. The last one is a no-brainer. If your employees use desktop computers, you could arrange for those computers to be delivered and set up at their home or you could choose to buy them laptops for more convenience – just like what we are going to see next.

  1. Buy new equipment as an investment

Computers, machinery, and any other types of equipment are essential to maintain day-to-day business operations and performance. Investing in new equipment could yield significant benefits, enabling businesses to improve and adapt better. This is what companies could consider when the remote work situation might push them to purchase new equipment necessary for their employees to work from home. Consider this as a form of investment as that equipment comes with ownership. 

  1. For short-term needs, take out a lease equipment

We understand that costs have always been one of the most important factors to take into account in business. This means when purchasing new equipment is considered unnecessary, leasing them could be an option. The main benefit is it would not affect your cash flow significantly as limited financial resources will not be an issue. However, this option is likely to be ideal only for short-term needs as it could cost you more money over the long haul. Let us say some equipment your employees need may be used only for two or three months during the year, in that case, this initial layout should be less than the cost of new equipment purchase.

Now as you consider which option suits your business best, keep in mind that the one thing you need to do is making sure all those equipment are always in check. Whether they belong to your business or a leasing company, all the equipment should be well maintained. Remind your employees to take care of them and report if there is any damage to the equipment. Since it means there is an additional task for your HR team during this work-from-home arrangement (in which they need to update everyone on how they are doing at home and if somebody may require some help or assistance), we figured why we do not make things easier for them at least for one of their many tasks. And we talk specifically about payroll. We do not suppose there are changes to how your payroll works before and during the pandemic, but we think if there are any changes, they should be good ones only. Here we want to introduce you to Kayaroll, the one change that your business may require. It is a payroll software that works as a one-stop solution for your wage payment and management. User-friendly and IRAS-approved, Kayaroll is designed for all businesses, especially SMEs and startups. If we mentioned investment earlier, consider Kayaroll as one, especially as we offer it for free if you are one of the first one hundred businesses that register. Check today!