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Singapore Budget 2021: Key Updates for Local Businesses [Infographic]

If you haven’t been able to catch the live updates of the Singapore Budget 2021 on 16 February 2021, fret not! We’ve sieved out key updates that we think business owners like yourself will find useful and put them together into an easy-to-digest infographic. This year’s Budget, named “Emerging Stronger Together”, aptly showcases our country’s determination to stay united and overcome the repercussions that COVID-19 brought into our lives.

Recap: Singapore Budget 2020

As you may recall, there were a total of five Budgets last year, amounting to approximately SGD$100 billion. These Budgets apparently helped avert 12.4% shrinkage in GDP. For a quick recap, you may refer to some of these bite-sized articles we’ve written here and here

About Singapore Budget 2021

This year, there should only be one main Budget. Having said that, it’s chock-full of information, entailing well-thought-out strategies for Singapore’s long-term growth. For this article, we will focus on two main areas: 1) Supporting Businesses, and 2) Supporting Employees/Employment.

Check out the infographic for an overview of this year’s Singapore Budget. You can also jump straight into the article to read the details that further explain the infographic; simply click into the relevant section of interest in ‘Contents’ to navigate the article.