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Singapore Employment Act

A business is a strategy. It is a set of plans with the goals of winning the market and gaining benefits. One big part of the strategy is employees, the people who will help you in the success of your venture. This applies to all, whether you own a big company, a small or medium enterprise, or a startup. While you could establish your own approach to hire the right person for a job, you would need to understand the basics in terms of technicality. In this case, this refers to the rules applied that need to be observed, which is Singapore’s main labor law: the Employment Act.

Starting things right is essential. Before hiring your first employee and putting a team together, you need to understand the Singapore Employment Act (EA) – Singapore’s labor law. It is essentially a law that regulates the relationship between employers and employees, laying out the terms and conditions of employment. The government agency who is responsible for formulating and implementing the policies is the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Details about this could be found on their website, but two things that you need to see as an overview: (1) Who is covered and (2) the Workright.