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Which form(s) does IRAS want you to file for Employee Income Tax?

So you received a reminder from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to file your Employee Income Tax!

You head over to the IRAS website but there’s information everywhere and different tax forms to get familiar with. You’re not quite sure which form(s) IRAS wants you to fill. Where do you even start?

Start by knowing what forms are for Employee Income Tax Filing.

You don’t want to waste your time filling up the wrong forms that are really for Individual Income Tax Filing or Corporate Income Tax Filing after all.

With regards to Employee Income Tax Filing, employers must prepare:

  1. Form IR8A
  2. Appendix 8A
  3. Appendix 8B; and/or
  4. Form IR8S (where applicable)

for employees employed in Singapore. The e-Submission of Employment Income is due on 1st March, every year.

Which Employee Income Tax form(s) do I fill for my employees?

Let’s make it easy! Simply take this quiz to find out which forms are applicable to you and your employees.